GRZYWKA GROUP is concentrated on a complex construction project offers which are based on the most cutting-edge technology of light gauge steel structure in the world. For our clients, we held investments in industrial, office, service and commercial buildings, as well as in single-family and multi-family residential dwelling. The applied technologies, especially in terms of steel constructions and dry elevation, enable to provide the most efficient and cost-saving production for our clients, without regard to weather conditions in Poland and all over the world. We have highly-experienced and perfectly competent engineering personnel and technicians, who have great expertise and essential building qualifications to carry out construction works and to manage investment process. Check which benefits you can receive while working with us.

Benefits of GRZYWKA GROUP offer


Due to the high-tech production line, we can guarantee the maximum precision of a production process from the very beginning. This accuracy expedites works at the next stages, especially during finishing works. It guarantees the best quality and workmanship of our structures.


Steel is one of the most environment-friendly building materials in the world. It is not impregnated or treated with detergents, therefore it minimizes a negative influence on our health. Replacement of wood structures with steel ones has got a significant influence on the protection of environment, mainly by reducing deforestation around the world.

50-year guarantee

Due to the high quality and durability of our technology, we are able to offer you up to a 50-year guarantee for our structures. Provided solutions, as well as precise assembly, ensure a perfect protection from weather conditions for the whole skeleton structures. They also improve comfort of using our buildings.

Erection time

The advanced and cutting-edge technology of erection of buildings is essential for investments in which time is a key factor. Out technology, the best logistics, licensed and experienced staff allow us to perform many contracts within 90 days. In such a short period of time, we are able to build residential buildings as well as industrial and commercial facilities.


We have achieved proper standards for energy-efficient buildings by using our technology. The coefficient of heat transmission of a common wall U=0,10`{`W/(m2 x K)`}` and good airtightness give us the possibility to erect passive buildings. This technology, combined with “SyNis” system (of thermal optimalization), enables to build “zero” energetic objects.

Low costs

The shortened time of realization, in comparison to the traditional technologies, allows some savings both at the erection stage and exploitation of a building. For the substantial majority of investors, both individual and institutional, a faster possibility of property management is the determining factor, taken into account, while making investment decisions.

Grzywka Group Technology

Galvanized steel skeleton system

Galvanized steel structure SFH “Grzywka” technology is a durable, resistant, lightweight and fast to assembly building structure. Traditional masonry structures, although permanently upgraded, are still the most time-consuming and labour-intensive methods of building erection. In the age of mortgages and fast pace of life, when economic decisions are dictated by time and profitability by a particular way of erection, the cutting-edge technologies are becoming more and more popular. Our technology is the newest method of building erection, with the use of galvanized light gauge steel profiles, in the world.
A skeleton is made of cold-bend, galvanized steel profiles which enable shaping various architectonic forms. This high-tech solution is an alternative to traditional technologies because each particular element, previously designed as a masonry one, can be redesigned in a light gauge steel method. Moreover, a light-weight structure as well as easy and fast assembly, in all weather conditions, underline its innovative character.
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Partners of Grzywka Group Company

Realizations of Grzywka Group


For the last 25 years, Grzywka Group has made many business contacts with both institutional and individual investors, as well as with companies from the building branch. A long-term cooperation with our partners has always been the crucial factor in our business strategy. We are looking forward to doing business with everybody who is interested in our offer, both new clients and our business partners who would like to enjoy our successes. We also encourage architectural design studios and building companies to make new investments using our state-of-the-art technology of light gauge steel structures.


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