For the last 25 years, Grzywka Group has made many business contacts with both institutional and individual investors, as well as with companies from the building branch. A long-term cooperation with our partners has always been the crucial factor in our business strategy. We are looking forward to doing business with everybody who is interested in our offer, both new clients and our business partners who would like to enjoy our successes. We also encourage architectural design studios and building companies to make new investments using our state-of-the-art technology of light gauge steel structures.

General Construction Work

We use the newest technologies and we substitute traditional structures with our light gauge metal framing offer. We provide a whole range of building investments, including builder’s finish standard and turn-key finished properties. Our team is consisted of 150 engineering, supervision and assembly specialists.

Due to the fact that we work together with our employees, we can be sure that they have suitable credentials and qualifications, and they do their duties in a responsible and professional way. We have been on the Polish market since the political transformation; therefore, we are considered as a trustworthy business partner, with solid guarantees, which can be proud of many realized contracts and positive references from our clients. The number of finished projects and the photo gallery are significant factors to define us as a reliable business partner.

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Production and assembly of light gauge steel structures

GGrzywka Group moves with the times and with increasing significance of economy in business; therefore, we have used light gauge steel profiles to built a variety of buildings since 2014.

The light weight of construction and hence less steel consumption significantly reduces the costs of investments. We have a construction team which is consisted of the best engineers. We also have high-tech machines which are used to produce structures designed by our staff. Due to our advanced technology, we are able to foresee many necessary and complete solutions, as early as the designing stage; and therefore, we significantly shorten the time of erection during production and assembly stages. Not only work we as a General Contractor, but we also produce and assemble structures for our clients in Poland and other countries. Buildings erected with the use of our profiles are located in Denmark, France, Slovakia or Somalia.

Intensive discussions are being held right now with our partners from Norway, Austria and Germany. We are able to adjust any project, designed in other technology, to light gauge steel skeleton structure, and provide a new alternative project designed by our engineers.

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Glass-aluminium façades

From the beginning of our company, we have been dealing with such external finish elements of a building as steel, glass, aluminium, stone or façade panels.

With our business partners, we have completed hundreds of projects using our experience and high quality of our services. We have designed common and ventilated façades as a General Contractor as well as a subcontractor of the biggest Polish and European investors and developers.

We are also specialized in works at height with the use of mountaineering techniques, and in unusual façades of smaller buildings, such as Planetarium in Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw. A long-term cooperation with our partners and clients has resulted in our photo gallery which is our flagship and a reason to be proud of.

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