Grzywka Group owes its success, in large part, to companies which it has been cooperating with for many years. Our partners are investors, property developers, building material producers, construction and erection companies.

Our partners

Siniat is part of Etex Building Performance, a division which combines the products and solutions of three dry construction materials companies – ourselves, Promat and EOS Facades. Siniat manufacturers drywall products and systems for partitions, ceilings, wall linings and external sheathing purposes.

Ergane, our Norwegian partner, deals with a complex realization of construction works. Over the last years, this company has carried out original residential developer projects in Norway.

Arbud Plus Robert Jantoszek, a developer and a construction company, has been on the market since 1997. It has got a lot of experience in builder’s finish stage, from foundation to a complex finish.

M&M company cooperates with Grzywka Group in implementation of residential as well as commercial and industrial construction works built with the use of light gauge steel profiles.

Due to expertise, knowledge and creativity of architects and designers, this company is able to create unique and functional designs for buildings. Single-family house projects are determined by present trends in building industry. Architects make every effort to design universal and timeless projects. It can be achieved thanks to a shape and structures based on modernistic architectonical solutions.

The construction company runs its business in Dolny Slask area. It specializes in energy-efficient dwelling-houses. It uses light gauge steel structures. It has its own portfolio of dwelling-houses projects. It is a close partner of Home Koncept design office.

ELJAKO-AL specializes in designing, prefabrication, delivery and assembling of light curtain walls, external and internal aluminium joinery including fire-doors, skylights and fixing of glass spotlights based on all available systems on the market.

One of the biggest construction companies in Poland. In 2010, it became a member of Polish Society of Special Foundation Contractors [PZWFS].

A Belgian developer and investor, which builds commercial properties, runs its business in the Eastern Europe, mainly in Poland, Russia and Ukraine. In Poland, it has completed several dozen real estate projects, including its flagship – “Warsaw Spire”. For many years, it has been the biggest partner of Grzywka Group company.

Budimex Group is one of the largest construction groups operating in Poland. As a general contractor, this company offers services in the infrastructure sector, including: roads, railway, airports, commercial buildings, energy, industry and ecology. They are gradually increasing their involvement in the facility management (servicing real estate and infrastructure facilities) and waste management sector.

PaNELTECH Sp z o.o. [Ltd.], a construction company, is a customer-service oriented enterprise. Their offer is dedicated to a wide range of industrial and individual clients who value quality and durability of products, as well as compliance with the dates and reliability of services.

For investors, developers, designers and construction companies, they offer a wide range of sustainable products and services, such as frame structures, sandwich panels and facade claddings, including design tools, tailored solutions, advanced designs and excellent project management.

The world’s leading provider of products and services with sustainability at their core, Kingspan is recognised throughout the construction industry for its commitment to innovation, design, quality and technical expertise.

Aluprof S.A. is one of the leading European distributors of aluminium systems for the construction industry. Their range of products includes window, door and façade, roller shutters and gates systems. An extensive logistic base, state-of-the-art machines, stamping of profiles within the group of companies and their own paint shops, together allow the company to be fully independent and flexible in the market, which has resulted in growth of the portfolio of customers and geographic coverage.

Schueco is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality window, door and façade systems made from aluminium and steel. Millions of Schueco products are used all over the world and meet the highest requirements of design, comfort, security and energy efficiency.

Ponzio comapny is a manufacturer of aluminium systems that are used in the construction of windows, doors, walls, facades, winter gardens, sun visors, as well as specialized solutions of various types, including fire resistant constructions. The innovative system solutions used in various buildings, meet the stringent requirements for energy efficiency, comfort and safety.

The Hilti Group is a world leader in system solutions for professional customers in the construction industry, creating “The Greater Value” for its customers. High-tech fastening, measurement, drilling, slotting, cutting and sanding, fire stop and foam as well as installation systems, enhance productivity of our clients.

ISOVER materials in civil engineering are used as thermal insulation for slope roofs (e.g. Super-Mata, Profit-Mata and Uni-Mata), flat roofs (e.g. gold, silver, platinum roofs as well as brand new products – TUP and TAURUS), ceilings, external walls (new products for ventilated facades: ISOVER Super-Vent Plus λ=0,031 W/mK of 18cm thickness, which is an extraordinary product on the market), partition walls (Aku-Płyta, Polterm Uni), foundations and slabs.

Weber company has been on the Polish market for 20 years (initially as Terravova Industria Polska, then as Weber Terranova). It is associated with high-quality materials and façade solutions, thermal insulation systems, plasters, paints for facades, and adhesives for glaze.

Benefits of GRZYWKA GROUP offer

Erection time

The advanced and cutting-edge technology of erection of buildings is essential for investments in which time is a key factor. Out technology, the best logistics, licensed and experienced staff allow us to perform many contracts within 90 days. In such a short period of time, we are able to build residential buildings as well as industrial and commercial facilities.


Due to the high-tech production line, we can guarantee the maximum precision of a production process from the very beginning. This accuracy expedites works at the next stages, especially during finishing works. It guarantees the best quality and workmanship of our structures.

100-year guarantee

Due to the high quality and durability of our technology, we are able to offer you up to a 100-year guarantee for our structures. Provided solutions, as well as precise assembly, ensure a perfect protection from weather conditions for the whole skeleton structures. They also improve comfort of using our buildings.


Steel is one of the most environment-friendly building materials in the world. It is not impregnated or treated with detergents, therefore it minimizes a negative influence on our health. Replacement of wood structures with steel ones has got a significant influence on the protection of environment, mainly by reducing deforestation around the world.


We have achieved proper standards for energy-efficient buildings by using our technology. The coefficient of heat transmission of a common wall U=0,10`{`W/(m2 x K)`}` and good airtightness give us the possibility to erect passive buildings. This technology, combined with “SyNis” system (of thermal optimalization), enables to build “zero” energetic objects.

Low costs

The shortened time of realization, in comparison to the traditional technologies, allows some savings both at the erection stage and exploitation of a building. For the substantial majority of investors, both individual and institutional, a faster possibility of property management is the determining factor, taken into account, while making investment decisions.


For the last 25 years, Grzywka Group has made many business contacts with both institutional and individual investors, as well as with companies from the building branch. A long-term cooperation with our partners has always been the crucial factor in our business strategy. We are looking forward to doing business with everybody who is interested in our offer, both new clients and our business partners who would like to enjoy our successes. We also encourage architectural design studios and building companies to make new investments using our state-of-the-art technology of light gauge steel structures.


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