We can adjust each architectural project to our technology without implementing any changes to building permission. Save your time and money, and reduce costs of your future investments by using fast light gauge steel structure.

Production and assembly of light gauge steel structures

Grzywka Group moves with the times and with increasing significance of economy in business; therefore, we have used light gauge steel profiles to built a variety of buildings since 2014.

The light weight of construction and hence less steel consumption significantly reduces the costs of investments. We have a construction team which is consisted of the best engineers. We also have high-tech machines which are used to produce structures designed by our staff. Due to our advanced technology, we are able to foresee many necessary and complete solutions, as early as the designing stage; and therefore, we significantly shorten the time of erection during production and assembly stages. Not only work we as a General Contractor, but we also produce and assemble structures for our clients in Poland and other countries. Buildings erected with the use of our profiles are located in Denmark, France, Slovakia or Somalia.

Intensive discussions are being held right now with our partners from Norway, Austria and Germany. We are able to adjust any project, designed in other technology, to light gauge steel skeleton structure, and provide a new alternative project designed by our engineers.

For our clients, we offer, steel frameworks which can be used to erect the following buildings:

  • single-family houses, semi-detached houses, multi-family buildings, and energy-efficient, passive or “zero” energy housing estates;
  • social buildings and containers, workers’ hostels and flats;
  • commercial buildings, office blocks, hotels, department stores, car shows and service stations;
  • production and storage halls with socio-office parts, canopies, animal housing etc.;
  • superstructures and expansions of construction work of existing buildings, separating functional surface in existing buildings such as halls;
  • structure elements such as roof girders, floor beams, curtain and partition walls.

We support our clients in the process of erection of structures in our technology.

Grzywka Group Technology

Galvanized steel skeleton system

Galvanized steel structure SFH “Grzywka” technology is a durable, resistant, lightweight and fast to assembly building structure. Traditional masonry structures, although permanently upgraded, are still the most time-consuming and labour-intensive methods of building erection. In the age of mortgages and fast pace of life, when economic decisions are dictated by time and profitability by a particular way of erection, the cutting-edge technologies are becoming more and more popular. Our technology is the newest method of building erection, with the use of galvanized light gauge steel profiles, in the world.
A skeleton is made of cold-bend, galvanized steel profiles which enable shaping various architectonic forms. This high-tech solution is an alternative to traditional technologies because each particular element, previously designed as a masonry one, can be redesigned in a light gauge steel method. Moreover, a light-weight structure as well as easy and fast assembly, in all weather conditions, underline its innovative character.
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Partners of Grzywka Group Company

Realizations of Grzywka Group

We are pleased to inform you that over the last 25 years, we have completed over 400 contracts and produced 160 thousands of running meters of steel structures. Each produced centimeter was used to create industrial, office, residential, service or commercial buildings. It is a great feeling to participate in creation of such widely used investments. Our experience allows us to held almost any project with sufficient knowledge and expertise. Below, there is a list of some of our projects.
For you, the list may occur as a record of names; however, for us, each example is a separate experience, relationship with a client, and all problems that we successfully dealt with. Together with investors, our engineers and construction crews, we create a team which we are proud of. Thank you for visiting our webpage. Please see our gallery.


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